A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Ike has just woken up in his dark room from a terrible nightmare and wants to reach his mother's bedroom, seeking for cuddles and solace. But has his creepy dream really ended?

Ike is a university project, created within the Virtual Reality course (a.y. 2019) of the Cinema and Media Engineering faculty @ Polytechnic University of Turin.


Martin Gabriele [https://yvyz.itch.io/]

Scrimieri Antonio [https://scream-3.itch.io/]

Vigna Nicolò [https://itch.io/profile/niko-vig

Vilardo Giulia [https://giuvila.itch.io]

Zabardi Giovanni [https://joe-commodoro.itch.io/]


Player Movement:

W - A - S - D 

Camera Movement: 


Interact w/ Objects: 




Toggle Pause Menu:



Animations by Mixamo  [https://www.mixamo.com/#/]

Unity Engine [https://unity3d.com/]

Blender [https://www.blender.org/]

Textures by Poliigon [https://www.poliigon.com/]

Sounds by YouTube and FreeSound[https://freesound.org/]

Brackeys' tutorials (seriously, we probably watched 'em all. Multiple times.) [https://www.youtube.com/user/Brackeys/featured]

Install instructions

Currently, the build is only available for Windows and macOS.


Ike 1.2 Win.zip 43 MB
Ike 1.2 Mac.zip 45 MB


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-Made a Video. (Old Video)


It was cool! Thank you for the game! :)

Gave it a go...


Hi StepVibes! i'm Antonio from the team, thanks for your gameplay and your feedback.  We are still working to fix some bugs and controller issues but we'll release a new improved version soon.


Hey Antonio, thanks for contacting me. Regardless of my criticism, it's good to know you guys are still at work with fixing up the game a bit. Keep it up!


Neat idea for a game! The dark and eerie house really set the mood for the game!

Hi STEVIED! First of all, thank you so much for  supporting us! Yeah we studied a lot to obtain this mood and to convey this ambience, we're really happy to have achieved our goal.


this game was so great! Honestly, I wish there were more games like this. The only thing I would have done is made it a little longer. Aside from that, awesome game! 

Hi ObscureTrain! I'm Giovanni from the team...well what to say? Really thanks for you gameplay! These are the compliments that repay our work!


it was an incredible game!


Really cool game with good atmosphere! The only thing that bothered me a little is the camera but other than that keep up! :)

Hallo Gleisther! We really enjoyed your gameplay! Thanks for the support!


This was great. Especially for a first game. A few issues that others have already mentioned but was still creepy and well made. 


Thank you RobBoberty! I'm Giovanni, from the team of Ike, and  we're still working on some issues and new ideas for the game, but it will still take time to develop them. 


Nice game. The camera could use a bit more tweeking though. Creep factor's nice as well.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Hi Levont! I'm Giovanni from the team! Thank you so much for your feedback! Surely there are some problems that we noticed and we will fix them.   


Hello! Guys for your first game developing experience it's a really cool and creepy game ! I've had a lots of fun playing it! 

Have you considered participating in our Game developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:


Hi! Thanks for the tip and for having tried our game out! Your contest seems very cool and your mission of supporting the indie community is admirable, to say the least. Unfortunately, we're just at the beginning of a really tough semester at the university, so realistically it may be difficult for us to jump into another project right now. But anyway, thanks again for the hint, we will keep it in mind for the next GDWC edition!


Cool game. The camera acts up a bit though.


Everything is great but need little work on mouse senstivity. 

Hi 1.30 PM! I'm Antonio from the team, thanks a lot for your feedback and your  gameplay. We did our best for our first game development experience to make a fun and creepy game,  we are happy about the result but have already started working on camera movement and other upgrades. We'll get better for the next challenge!


First game in a long time that got us with a jump scare, wasn't really meant to work like that, but we enjoyed the challenge!!  


Hi GrayDeathSociety! I'm Giovanni, one of the creators of Ike - A low poly nightmare.  Thank you so much for the support! This was our first project, but we are happy to have received a lot of feedback on our game. Thanks for playing!


Thought this was really great! A lot creepier than I thought it was going to be! Awesome work on this! Hope to see more from you in the future!! 

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Hi Jar_Red! I'm Gabriele from the team. First of all, thanks for your support. It is our first attempt to make something which looks like a game, so please be patient ahaha.  We're soon releasing a new build with minor bug fixes and a simple checkpoint system, in order not to restart again from the beginning each time the player gets caught by the monsters.  Thanks again and keep it up! 


I really enjoyed what you guys accomplished here and look forward to seeing the game get improved and seeing what you all have planned for future games! 

Can you separate 4 different zips for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux? I can't open the zip to install the game on my Mac Book. Thank you.

Hi there and thanks for your interest! Unfortunately, the current build was only made available for Windows, but we are soon releasing it also for macOS. Sorry for the inconvenience, we have a really boring technical explanation, but don't know if you're really that interested. Anyway, we'll let you know as soon as we publish it!


Ike's house is so big, no wonder him mom didn't hear him. Nice work! :)


Hi! I'm Gabriele from the developement team. Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are now releasing a new 1.1 build with some improvements (e.g. checkpoints and some additional visual effects), so if you're interested please check it out!

Nice, I'll play it, thank you for telling me.